Tottenham, UK

We focus on one of our focal point.

Supporting the provision of quality education so that as many young people as possible leave secondary education with good quality qualifications.

The Escape Charity after-school tuition programme was very successful in all our partner schools

  • All students achieved their target grades
  • Over 60% of participating students achieved at least one grade higher than expected.

“I am absolutely amazed by how well I did. I got a 6 in English I can’t believe it! I was supposed to get a 4. Oh my God, thank you Escape Charity for all the tutoring!” - Year 11 Student 2017

“Thanks to my tutor I can now go to the college I want and then University!” - Year 11 Student 2017

“My joy on results day was the same, if not greater than my own students. It’s amazing how our working together has helped them reach their potential and achieve way more than others thought they would. I am very proud!” - Maths tutor 2017

“As the academic year progressed I notice how the students who attended The Escape Charity tuition programme improved in confidence, Even though my student attended maths tuition, her renewed confident improved her performance in English” - English teacher 2017