The Charity’s Mission

is to help young people in disadvantaged communities all over the world to, achieve qualifications beyond secondary education so that they can escape the indignity of poverty and choose the future they want. Our hope is to empower them to shape the future as responsible global citizens.

Our mission is encapsulated in the charity name; ESCAPE an acronym; for Empowers Communities Away from Poverty through Education.

We believe that educating a child can take a family out of poverty, many families out our poverty can take a community out of poverty, and community by community we change the world

To make a change in each community The Escape Charity has three focus points;

  1. Supporting the provision of quality education so that as many young people as possible leave secondary education with good quality qualifications.

  2. Helping to improve attendance and completion of secondary education.

  3. Empowering young people to achieve university degrees.